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Why you should use channel letters for brand recognition in New Jersey

Channel letters are extremely effective signage options for many businesses since there individual 3D design makes them stand out and get noticed. If you need 3D channel letter signage in New Jersey, NJ then you should speak to the sign experts at MASA.

Channel letters get there name from the fact that each letter in the sign has its own enclosure or channel. This means each letter can have its own color and face font that can help to make the sign more attractive and distinctive. The plate or face of the sign is often constructed from acrylic since it has translucent properties that offer great versatility in terms if sign design.

You can use channel letters to create highly visible and appealing signs that are sure to draw attention. You often see them on storefronts where they are used for identification and branding. By selecting custom lettering and lighting configurations you can create logos and names that make an impact.

Channel letters can be made from aluminum, steel, or injection molded plastic. Aluminum or plastic is usually the preferred choice as they are light and rust resistant. Some materials can also be derived from engineered polymers that are flame retardant. You can also select from various configurations such as front lit, halo lit or dual lit using Neon or LED illumination.

The dimensional natures of channel letters make them effective marketing devices that can be uses for interior or exterior signage purposes. The popularity of channel letters as a brand recognition device is growing rapidly.

You too can use channel letter signage to improve your visibility and brand recognition. Whether you need indoor signage, outdoor signage, stand-alone signage, signage for a shopping center or mall, speak to the experts at MASA to get a signage solution that is best for your business.