Pylon Signs, Pole Signs and Banners in New Jersey

Multi-tenant Signs, Shopping Center Signs, Outdoor Signs, and Large Digital Banners in NJ, including Pole Signs and Pylon Signs for Shopping Centers, Apartments, Office Complexes, Commercial Centers, and Individual Businesses

Pylon signs and pole signs are often used at points of entry onto properties that contain multiple different businesses or other unique entities. It takes a particular brand of expertise to design, fabricate, and install custom pole signs and pylon signs. The installation can be especially challenging, because there can be significant heights involved with some NJ pylon sign and pole sign projects.

Experienced for over 30 years

We have been honing our craft for over 30 years at this point, and we have installed countless pylon signs and pole signs for New Jersey clients. Our team members in the field are highly trained, skilled professionals that take a great deal of pride in the work that they do. They are very well equipped, so they are fully prepared to take on any type of NJ pylon sign or pole sign installation assignment.

Value in Advertising

Pylon signs and pole signs are often custom lightboxes that can be seen easily at night. They serve a useful purpose to guide people to businesses or other places that they intend to visit. At the same time, the pylon signs and pole signs New Jersey decision-makers can obtain from us also have a great deal of advertising value. They are a favorite among multi-tenant complexes and shopping centers for entrances.

Our design team is comprised of some of the most talented outdoor marketing minds in the region. We can gain an understanding of your location and the target audience that you are trying to reach with your pole sign or pylon sign. Research will be conducted, and we will ultimately produce an eye-catching sign that people simply cannot ignore. Though our work is of the highest quality, we do everything we can to keep our prices at a minimum, so you get fantastic value when you partner with Michael Anthony Sign & Awning Company.


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