New Jersey Channel Letters, Backlit Sign, Electric Signs, Business Signs, and Outdoor Signs in NJ

We Can Help You Raise Your Brand Awareness with Highly Visible Channel Letter Signage!

Everyone sees channel letter signs all the time, but as a layperson, you may not know what they are called. Channel letters are custom-crafted plastic or metal letters that are placed on the exterior of commercial buildings and public places, like government buildings. These letters are illuminated in some manner, so they can be easily seen after the sun goes down.

The channel letter electric signs NJ clients can obtain from us can be lit in a number of different ways. They can be illuminated internally, and there are backlit signs and front-lit signs. Each of these respective options will have a specific stylistic effect, so there are vast creative possibilities. Our New Jersey channel letter design team can explain them in detail and help you make a fully informed decision if you engage us to design, fabricate, and install an electric sign for you. Our expert technicians can also service and repair channel letters of all kinds.

Michael Anthony Sign & Awning Company was founded over three decades ago.

We have established a firm reputation as the leading resource in NJ for channel letters, LED display work, LED message boards, and electronic digital displays. At this point in time, we are called upon by major local, regional, and national companies to satisfy all of their signage needs.

When it comes to electric signs with channel letters, we have successfully completed projects for many big names. These would include the American Automobile Association, Budweiser, First Financial Bank, Sears, H&R Block, The Westin, and Baha Fresh, just to name a handful. You can check out our gallery page to see these and other examples of our work with channel letter electric signs in New Jersey.


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