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Road Signs in New Jersey, NJ by Michael Anthony Signs & Awnings

Advantages of road signs: your security depends on them

 Have you ever thought of the importance of road signs? If your answer to this question is yes, then by reading this article, you will find important information about these simple but yet very effective and helpful elements.

Since the invention of the car, until the present day, people have thought of an effective way to make roads safer. Road signs are maybe the most important invention which helps prevent car accidents.


They establish a certain order. Everyone knows that without traffic rules there would be a total chaos on roads. This is why maybe the most important advantage of using such signs is that they establish a certain laws that drivers have to obey, in order to diminish the risk of having an accident. As a consequence, since the appearance of these signs, the number of accidents that happen in intersections has dropped, relative to the number of cars.


They warn drivers. Besides establishing a certain order in which cars should go through an intersection, these signs also warn drivers of any dangers that they may encounter on the portion of the road where they are installed. For instance, they let drivers know when they are approaching a dangerous turn, or a zebra crossing, in order to give them time to reduce their speed or to pay extra attention to the sidewalk to see if there is anyone who wants to cross the road.


Easy to install; Reduced costs. Another important advantage of this method to make the roads a safer place, both for drivers and also for pedestrians, is that since they are made from cheap materials, authorities do not have to pay large sums of money for them. Furthermore, since they do not need any auxiliary equipment’s, they can be installed everywhere.