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Retractable Awnings, Store Banners and Store Awnings in New Jersey, NJ

Retractable awnings and store banners for your business or shop

Awnings are versatile and useful for any business. Not only do the serve a practical purpose of providing protection from the elements, they are also a great medium for advertising and marketing. Retractable awnings give you the same benefits but more flexibility.  Now you can have shade when you want shade and sun when you want sun.  MASA are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of awnings, retractable awnings, store awnings and store banners in New Jersey, NJ. Push button retractable awnings are easy to extend or retract giving you the convenience and flexibility of choice.

There are also a number of options you can add to retractable awnings. Wind sensors can automatically retract your awning when the wind reaches or exceeds certain strength.  Another option is a hood which protects the awning and enhances its appearance. You can also opt for a see-through drop down panel that provide additional protection against the elements.

Store awnings or shop awnings can add functionality and value to your shop or business. First they provide cover where you need and want cover. They can provide shade from the sun, keep people cooler on hot days and provide cover in the event of rain. They can also be used as carports and protect your vehicles as well as those of customers. Awnings are also available in a range of designs, styles and colors, which gives you choices in terms of aesthetics.

The ability to place signage and messages on awnings makes them a powerful advertising tool. People can see the signage from near and far and this will often attract interested customers.  This type of signage can complement your normal advertising banners and help to draw more people into your shop.

When it comes to banners and signs you also have a variety of choices including roll up banners, custom banners, posters, outdoor banners. Banners can be made from fabric, from cut vinyl or from other materials.