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Commercial Sign Awnings and Canopies in New Jersey, NJ

Awnings and canopies provide protection as well as advertising opportunities

Signs are an important form of communication and advertising and improving visibility. Commercial sign awnings and canopies is great investment for your New Jersey, NJ business as they increase exposure and drive more business through your doors. Commercial awnings and canopies are also a great way to build brand awareness and recognition.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and strategically placed signage will attract customers and drive sales.

Michael Anthony Sign And Awning (MASA) is a leading and recommended signage company serving the needs of businesses and customers in New Jersey NJ.

Awnings are available in a variety of styles and materials and they can contain signage or they can be without signage.  Awnings serve a number of functional objectives whether they are retractable awnings, illuminated awnings, metal awnings, fabric awnings, glass awnings or entrance canopies.  These functions include the protection from adverse weather, advertising and aesthetics. In addition awnings provide shade and block out a great deal of sun heat which lowers the load on air conditioner. This in turn leads to energy savings.

The right style and design can complement your business image and add to the aesthetic value of your business. You can also apply signage and graphics which will turn your awnings and canopies into powerful marketing tools.

Many people use the terms canopies and awnings interchangeably, but there are some key differences.  Awnings are attached to a wall or some exterior part of a building whereas a canopy can be free standing. Awnings are commonly found above windows and doors where they offer some protection against the elements. Canopies can be placed anywhere as they are freestanding. They provide cover under which people can sit and socialize or even sell goods.

Awnings are fixtures and meant to provide ongoing shade and protection whereas many portable canopies can be easily disassembled.  Awnings are a better choice when you need year round protection for a certain area, whereas canopies are a better choice when you need a portable shade solution.