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Awning Repair in New Jersey, NJ

A company for awning installation and repair

The right awning company can help your business benefit from awnings that add value in many ways. Awnings are pretty useful for a variety of reasons. First they provide some degree of protection against the elements such as sun and rain. They can also keep your environment cooler and as such also reduce your energy consumption. Equally important is the aesthetic value of your awnings. They can give your building a brand new look that improves curb side appeal.  This also leads into the marketing area as you will have your business name or some messaging on your awnings that will help attract new customers.

For commercial awnings that can add value to your business in New Jersey, NJ you should consult with the experts at MASA (Michael Anthony Sign and Awning Company). They are a professional awning company and will advise you regarding the best type of awning as well as the best way to maximise exposure from signage. They will help create a whole new look for your building with one or more awnings that will increase street visibility, attract more customers and increased sales and profits.


When it comes to an awning for your commercial building you can select form a variety of colors, materials as well as shapes and sizes. This way you can get a custom awning that matches your business image and the nature of your building.


An awning company such as MASA can also handle all your awning repair and maintenance work. Awnings are exposed to the elements and there are many things that can break. These include torn fabric, broken lamps, cracked faces, electrical faults and more. As a licensed electrical contractor MASA can also repair awning electrical faults and lighting outages.