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Artwork Requirements
Awning Extrusion Details
Awning Post Details
Awning Mounting Details
Face Lit Channel Letter Details
Channel Letter UL Connections
UL Approved Hi-Volt Insulating

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Large Format Printing



The following information will introduce you to the types of artwork that work best with the Digital Graphics System. Please follow these guidelines for submitting photos, illustrations, and computer files.


  • Sizes from 3” X 5” to a maximum of 10” X 14” for highqualityreproduction.
  • Standard glossy photos give the best results.



  • Sizes from 3” X 4” to a maximum of 10” X 14”. We prefer photos to be positive images, but negatives can be used in this process. Please provide your image in full color, as you want the finished piece to look. PMS color chart identification a plus.
  • We don’t recommend the use of 35mm slides for this process. Be aware that a graphic produced from a 35mm slide or any other tiny photo will probably have a “grainy” or “mottled” appearance.


  • Sizes up to 10” X 14” will be drum-scanned, and must be made of a flexible material.
  • Halftone prints such as magazine pictures and advertising brochures will sometimes reproduce successfully, but there is a risk of objectionable “moiré” or “plaid” patterns throughout the final image. Also, in the case of larger graphics, the dot pattern of a halftone is enlarged so much that it becomes overwhelming. Whenever possible, avoid halftone prints as artwork.
  • All copyrighted material will require a permission release from its publisher.


  • Keep in mind that files created on one computer and sent to another, tend to do strange things in the translation. For this reason, SEND A COLOR PROOF to head-off problems.
  • TIFF Files (Tagged Information File Format)
  • Be sure to include ALL FONTS and PICTURE files you’ve used in creating your image.
  • Please indicate the scale of your computer document in relation to the final print, and let us know how much bleed has been built into your image, if any. When possible, make your page layout the same size as the finished graphic.


We can accept files on:

  • 3 1/2” floppy disks
  • 44MB, 88MB, and 200MB 5 1/4 Syquest Cartridges
  • 105, 270, 540 MB 3 1/2” Syquest Cartridges
  • 100MB Zip Cartridges, 1GB Jaz Cartridges
  • CD-ROM
  • DAT (Tape): DAT Streaming tape with Retrospect Catalog on Diskette.
  • Up to 2MB can be downloaded through E-Mail info@masa.com due to time restraints.



  • We are working in Macintosh format. Mac files are preferred.
  • We currently have the following programs installed on our system: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 3.0.5, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 6.0, ALDUS FREEHAND 5.5, PAGEMAKER 6.0, ILLUSTRATOR 6.0, CORELDRAW 6.0, and QUARKXPRESS 3.2. Files created in other programs will not necessarily be printable. Please contact your trained support team for further assistance.
  • Macintosh files may be compressed provided you do one of the following: make sure the file is self-extracting, or, send a copy of the program used to compress. Photoshop files can be reduced to one layer, if you are working with Version 3.0 or later.

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Seamless, drum-tight and wrinkle-free awnings are now possible every time with the Milliken Staple System. Featuring the “staple-in” method of attaching covers, it allows designers or architects to achieve a custom look from any fabric, regardless of weight or material substance.

There are maintenance features, too. Since Staple System uses a modular construction method, damaged covers can be repaired one small section at a time, most often without removing the awning. And it’s all done at a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing a conventional awning.

The system is comprised of fifteen unique aluminum profiles, all of which can be cut, bent and welded to construct any size, shape or design awning.

The material is taken directly from the bolt and stapled into a channel in the welded Staple System frame. Once the cover is completely in place, a matching or contrasting vinyl insert is driven into the stapling channel. The result is a seamless, drum-tight and wrinkle-free cover that cannot be duplicated with any other method.

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Post Detail 1
Scale: NTS
post detail


Post Detail 2
Scale: NTS

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Awning Mounting Details


Face Lit Channel Letter Details

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Use In Reference to General Instructions & Warnings


Rear View
Typical Wall Mounted Channel Letter Installation

NOTE: For outdoor applications install a SEALING RING (SRPT) where the passthrough
enters the sign housing to prevent water from entering the back og the sign.


Side View

U.L. Approved – MASA is a U.L. approved manufacturer. Our electrical products must meet or exceed certain criteria set forth by the underwriters laboratories. These same products are subject to inspection in our plant prior to delivery. Ensuring the highest quality and safest product available is delivered each and every time to our valued customers.

The C.P.A.™ is a simple, 4-part assembly to safely penetrate a wall for use with neon double-backs.

The UL Listed assembly is weather-sealed for use wherever exposed to rain or snow. A patented plug-seal fits inside the weather-tight 1/2” EMT connector, tightly sealing the opening against weather. GTO wire is never exposed. The C.P.A.™ assures low maintenance and easy field removal. Replacement parts are available.


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UL Approved Hi-Volt Insulating


Use in reference to general instructions and warnings on page 1

(with plastic frame)


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